Our History

Founded in 1980, Vintage Imports Inc. was envisioned as a ‘niche player’ to represent small, boutique wineries and distribute their wines in Pennsylvania, with a particular focus on restaurants.
Today, Vintage Imports is owned by Paul Zientek. Paul was the frst employee outside of the family at Lauber Imports, where he helped build that company from relative obscurity to one of the most highly respected wine companies in the region. He joined Vintage Imports in January 1998 as a Vice President; since that time, Paul has purchased the company and works tirelessly to make sure that the job, whatever it may be, gets done right.
Our facilities and staff have grown, and today we are distributing our portfolio of fine wines in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, plus we now offer select imported wines nationally.
Today, more than ever, we remain committed to fnding and distributing boutique producers of fine wines from around the world. We truly value our customers and take particular pride in our sales team and support staff and their dedication to customer service.

  • 1980

    The wine scene in 1980 was nothing like it is today. Seeing the growing demand for wine, Neal and Karen Snydman founded Vintage Imports, Inc. in their basement, with the goal of connecting PA restaurants to great wineries. Some of Vintage's first suppliers were Bogle, Duckhorn, Frog's Leap, Louis Latour, Plumpjack, Shafer, and Trefethen. We are proud to have all of these now-famous producers still with us many years later.

  • 1982

    Business has outgrown Neal's basement; operations are moved to a 1,000 sq ft garage. 'Climate control' is achieved by mounting thick blankets on the walls for insulation, a reconditioned window-mounted air conditioner in the summer, and a portable kerosene heater in the colder months.

  • 1984

    Vintage Imports continues its growth, and its first full-time employees are hired - a salesperson, and Rob Redhouse, warehouse manager/driver.

  • 1985

    Vintage moves into a real (!!) warehouse, more than doubling its size (and getting real temperature control, too!)

  • 1987

    A larger warehouse is needed again, doubling the size once more.

  • 1990

    Two big things are realized: 1) Delaware is only 35 minutes south of Philadelphia, Vintage's primary market at the time.  2) There are only six wine & spirits wholesalers in Delaware! By the fall of 1990, Vintage Imports was now distributing to DE as well as PA.

  • 1996

    With continued growth over the past years, comes a growing need for warehouse space, trucks, employees, etc. In 1996, Vintage moved into the the space where we are today (though we have expanded into additional units since then). A real warehouse, a forklift... It's beginning to look like a real company!

  • 1998

    Paul Zientek, a former colleague of Neal's is tapped to be Vice President. Paul had been working with the Lauber family - the first non-family executive - building and growing Lauber Imports for 14 years, and brought with him a wealth of contacts and relationships. Shortly after Paul's joining, Vintage expands in to the quickly-growing New Jersey sales market, where we have been quite successful.

  • 2001

    Patrick Bradley joins Vintage Imports as Operations Manager

  • 2004

    Paul Zientek becomes a partner in the company.

  • 2005

    Steve Pinchuk joins Vintage Imports as Sales Manager for the growing sales team

  • 2006

    We launch our first website!

  • 2014

    Big changes at Vintage Imports! In spring of 2014, Paul Zientek completes the purchase of the company from Neal Snydman, accelerating Vintage into our next phase. The previous several years have been very successful, and Paul invests heavily back into the company to make sure we keep our edge - having the best wine, the best people, and the best service.


Vintage Imports is a mid-sized, independently owned and funded company that sells only wine, no spirits! Our Sales team is made up of Wine Professionals, not order takers. We provide substantial sales and wine training to further develop our team, and encourage supplier participation in sales meetings and through market visits.
We control our own warehousing and distribution systems. Maintaining our own fleet of trucks and with three temperature- controlled warehouses, we can guarantee quality delivery and service all the way through to the customer.
We are not “brand collectors”. New products are added only after careful evaluation and assessing a mutual need and beneft from the arrangements.