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A Malbec with more…

“Ooh, I LOVE Malbec!”

We all know someone who just can’t help but squeal that phrase whenever someone else mentions the grape’s name, or utters the name of a country that is remotely South America. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I somehow doubt those people (as they shall be referred to from here on out) would ever exclaim the same phrase if served an elegant Right Bank Bordeaux with a high percentage of their alleged favorite varietal. Frankly, I’m pretty sure you could serve them anything – as long as it was red, juicy, and high alcohol. (more…)

All new website!

After nearly 10 years in service, we are finally getting around to updating our website, which was QUITE antiquated by modern standards. (remember blinking text and those visitor counters?)

We will soon be launching a fully searchable online portfolio, through our partner,, in addition to making our website an actual valuable tool for staying up to date on sales, new products, etc.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave your comments below!