Big Bordeaux Offer!

While some companies show up to your door with a phone book (do they even still make those things?) sized portfolio and attempt to sell you everything for every nook and cranny of your establishment, we at Vintage Imports look at things a little bit differently.  Our philosophy takes in to account that we cannot be everything  to everybody  — therefore we choose instead to focus on what it is that we can execute really well, and Bordeaux is surely one of those things.

In selecting the Bordeaux wines for our all new 2018 offer, we looked to find producers that share our mantra and vision. Family-owned, sustainably/organically farmed, high quality, and excellent values are what we are seeking.

The 2015 Vintage was an excellent one in Bordeaux, and like many before it, it is shaping up as the vintage that people will be searching for in years to come. Our agenda for this offer was to try and feature as many wines from this stellar vintage as we could while still sourcing some excellent wines from other vintages as well.

We have samples available of a large number of the wines featured in this offer and invite you to contact your Vintage Imports Wine Consultant to schedule a tasting.  Click here or the image above to view the whole offer!