We are always looking for ways to give our customers a better deal.

When we place orders from our wineries and suppliers, we try our best to gauge the best quantity to bring in. Too little, and we can potentially run out. Too much, and we can be sitting on inventory that is taking up valuable space and tying up capital.

These presells allow us to get an accurate idea of what that ‘just right’ amount of an item is. By analyzing customer interest in an item before we even place our orders, we can get a more accurate idea of how much to bring in. As a reward for our customers who make these commitments, we reward them with a nicely discounted price. Additionally, since we often handle wines that are limited availability, this rewards our customers who plan ahead, as they get first access to those more limited items.

Bordeaux Presell Happening Now!

While some companies show up to your door with a phone book (do they even still make those things?) sized portfolio and attempt to sell you everything for every nook and cranny of your establishment, we at Vintage Imports look at things a little bit differently.  Our philosophy takes in to account that we cannot be everything  to everybody  — therefore we choose instead to focus on what it is that we can execute really well, and Bordeaux is surely one of those things.

In selecting the Bordeaux wines for our all new 2018 offer, we looked to find producers that share our mantra and vision. Family-owned, sustainably/organically farmed, high quality, and excellent values are what we are seeking.

The 2015 Vintage was an excellent one in Bordeaux, and like many before it, it is shaping up as the vintage that people will be searching for in years to come. Our agenda for this offer was to try and feature as many wines from this stellar vintage as we could while still sourcing some excellent wines from other vintages as well.

We have samples available of a large number of the wines featured in this offer and invite you to contact your Vintage Imports Wine Consultant to schedule a tasting.  Click here or the image above to view the whole offer!

Rosé Presell Happening Now!

Our Rosé Presell Offer is a labor of love for us, and involves countless hours of communication and coordination between our team and the producers to provide you with samples of most of the items available through this offer. Make sure to ask your sales rep to sample with you where possible. Many of the items on the following pages will only be available through this presell, so please discuss your needs with our sales rep so we can make sure to reserve the correct quantity of wines for you:

Click the link below to view the entire offer and contact your sales rep for pricing,

Vintage Imports Think Pink Rose Offer 2018

‘Villa Cafaggio Scores Big 15’ Offercafag

Villa Cafaggio comprises 68 hectares in Panzano, in the “Conca d’Oro” (golden basin) area of Chianti Classico. The Conca d’Oro is blessed with a perfect microclimate, with a high altitude of 400 meters and majority of south facing vinyards. There are 60 hectares of vines at Cafaggio.

With the help of enologist Giuseppe Caviola and agronomist Ruggero Mazzilli, two leading names in the Italian wine industry, we have taken the quality of our wines to a level never reached before. Also the style of the wines has been fine tuned to meet the highest expectation of modern consumers which expect tradition to be combined with utmost drinkability. The Italian idiom “piacevolezza” is our credo for the years to come: the mere technical translation is “pleasantness” yet, applied to wine, it means much more: ripeness and maturity, strength and elegance, fruitiness and perfumes, readiness and longevity, all combined.  Click below for the Villa Cafaggio Presell Offer.

Villa Cafaggio Scores BIG 15 NP


manny oDomaine Manuel Olivier Bourgogne Offer

Manuel Olivier is part of a bright, new generation of Burgundy winemakers. He started in 1990 by growing a few acres of vineyards and today he holds 11 hectares spread across the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits, Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. With a relatively small holding, Manuel’s ambition has led him to source more grapes from reliable long term sources. Still, his total annual production remains relatively small with less than 7000 cases produced. Manuel is a perfectionist and is in constant pursuit for improvements. His approach is one of respect for terroir. His aim is to produce wines that will express the distinctive character of the various appellations. All of his grapes are handpicked and 50% are de-stemmed. They take seven days for maceration at low temperatures prior to fermentation. He uses only natural yeasts in fermentation that takes five to six weeks at 30°C. The wines remain in contact with the lees for 18 months in 30% new Allier and Vosges barrels. The result is very approachable, subtle wines with obvious charm, displaying great delicacy of fruit and minerality. Click below for the Manuel Olivier Presell Offer.

Dom Manuel Olivier Offer



Mommessin Cru Beaujolais OfferMommessin logo

Founded in 1865, Mommessin has been bringing the world excellent wines from Beaujolais and Burgundy since it began exporting in 1890. Through their own properties as well as long-term contracts with growers, some over 100 years old, they are able to consistently bring you exceptional wines of quality. The story behind the key: in 1889, Mommessin acquired La Grange Saint-Pierre, several ancient stone buildings in Mâcon that originally belonged to the Abbey of Cluny. The abbey’s emblem, the Key of Saint Peter, became an enduring symbol at the Mommessin winery, one that can be seen today on all our Mommessin wines.

Click below for the Cru Beaujolais Offer.

Mommessin Cru Offer NP Web 2015

corksbot-macan-2011Macan 2011 & Macan Clasico 2011 Presell

This is the most anticipated new project in Rioja in the last few years. After all, how often does the Rothschild family of Lafite fame in Bordeaux and Vega Sicilia from Ribera del Duero, one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain get together to make wine in one of the classical regions of the world?  Quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED.  Please contact your Vintage Imports Wine Consultant for pricing and availability in your market.

Click below for the Macan Offer.

macan 2011 presell NP