Positively Passitivo Primitivo

601_passitivo_logoA request came in for a red zinfandel to serve by the glass. My “knee-jerk” reaction was to head straight to our California selections and start picking out a few recommendations – which I did. Last minute, I packed a bottle of Passitivo Primitivo in the bag – let’s see where Italy’s version of red zinfandel might fare amongst the pack. From my client’s reaction, very well. As each person tasted, their reactions and comments were incredibly positive, As a result, the wine will find a home on their lists.


I saved a glass to try when I arrived home. From my perspective, this wine had tons of character. Medium bodied, typical flavors and aromas of black fruit and spice, rustic yet elegant and nicely balanced with a touch of oak influence.

It’s great to get reacquainted with a wine not tasted in a while. This gem will be coming home with me frequently this fall!