Summer is For Sancerre

Temperatures are in the 90’s for the past five days in a row. The extended forecast looks like the heat wave will continue. I’m eating lighter, with more salads and seafood listed on my “home” menu. Of course, wine is expected with every meal, so I turn to an old friend – Sancerre, in particular, Jean-Marc et Mathieu CrocheJMC sant Sancerre 2014. Simply stated, this wine is light, invigorating, and charming.

To me, Sancerre has a striking balance between a fuller-bodied Pouilly Fume and a lighter-bodied Muscadet from the Loire Valley. Sancerre is made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and has a pale yellow color with slightly grey overtones. It’s bouquet is undeniably expressive of its region, with interesting notes of boxwood, brush, and almonds. This wine is thirst-quenching on a hot day, with pleasant citrus fruits that add the perfect match to my field greens with sauted shrimp overtop. When I’m thinking wines for the summer, I’m always thinking Sancerre.

Cheers, Mike Conti